Easter Sunday, April 9 from 12.00 p.m.

Celebrate Easter with us!

The feast of colored eggs and Easter bunnies. Whether in the family or with friends, we will spoil you on Easter Monday with a delicious Easter menu of 4 courses.

Fr. 99.- per person
a reservation is very welcome

We serve only the Easter menu. There are no à la carte dishes.


April 9, 2023


Crispy egg in panko herb coat
Celery mousseline, truffle, herb salad
Mushroom essence


Eringer Consommé
braised Eringer ravioli
caramelized silver onions


Glacier 51
black hake in wild garlic buckwheat crust
beurre blanc
asparagus-morel ragout & ricotta gnocchi

Triologie de Veau
Veal tenderloin wrapped in prosciutto,
crispy veal milks
Veal beggli braised
green spragel & Bramata polenta

Easter Cabri
local spring gitzi
served with spicy jus
spring vegetables
rosemary potatoes

Délicieuse symphonie de printemps
Rhubarb tiramisu
Strawberry sorbet


Sélection de fromages
Swiss cheese selection served
with fig mustard & walnuts

Fr. 99.- per person

the courses can also be ordered individually