Your advantages

If you travel to Valais and are looking for a good hotel in the small town of Brig, the “Ambassador” is the best choice. As the only 4-star hotel in Brig, the “Ambassador” offers more than just temporary accommodation.

Guests are not numbers

Attentive, service-oriented and always very personal, the staff at the hotel look after their guests with dedication and passion, from the reception to the kitchen. There is hardly a wish that can be fulfilled and many guests of the hotel report even years later about the loving, cordial but also elegant and stylish atmosphere in the “Ambassador”.

Pampering offer for all senses

The house not only presents itself as a temporary home, but also captivates with a pampering offer that strives for perfection, especially in the pleasurable kitchen. The constantly changing gourmet offerings go hand in hand with a French-dominated menu that offers many surprises for the palate.

Business travellers are welcome

In addition, the “Ambassador” is very well received by business travellers. The right address for business travellers and always a place to relax and unwind. At least that’s what business travellers who have discovered the “Ambassador” in Brig say.

Starting point for great experiences in Valais

Of course, the guests also include travellers who want to experience the Valais in its natural beauty. This can begin, for example, with a weekend trip. Then the “Ambassador” is the good and central address in Valais. From here, the routes to the highlights in the Valais are short and always surprising. This is also ensured by the excellent attention of the hotel staff, who always want to give the guests the best information. Not only about the special events in the hotel, but also about what to experience and discover in the region.

Come back? Anyway.

There is no question that this is well received by the guests. Rather, at the end of every stay in the “Ambassador” there is the question: “When can we welcome you back again? The answer is usually the same: As soon as possible!