General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS) of Hotel Ambassador Restaurant des Cheminots (hereinafter: Ambassador Brig)

All deliveries and services of the Ambassador Brig and the associated online orders as well as other online services are subject to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS). Deviating and/or supplementary agreements require the express consent of the management of the Ambassador Brig as well as the written form; this also applies to a waiver of the written form requirement. 

2. vouchers
In the case of online vouchers, it should be noted that these are transmitted to the customer by the Hotel Ambassador Brig with a forgery-proof code. Since the customer can print out the voucher himself, several prints are possible, but only one print is value-relevant and redeemable. The first redeemed print voucher is considered the original and must be debited by the Hotel Ambassador Brig immediately after redemption. Should further copies with the same code appear, it is a case of misuse which will result in criminal consequences. There is no claim to fulfilment and/or delivery, or to compensation on the part of the Hotel Ambassador Brig, if someone attempts to redeem several vouchers with the same code, even if the first redeemer is not the legally valid holder of the voucher. Rather, a criminal investigation (forgery of documents) can be initiated immediately against the issuer with intent to defraud. Since a voucher can be passed on or given away, there is no obligation or possibility on the part of the Hotel Ambassador to check the right of ownership of the redeemer. When redeeming the voucher, it is only checked whether the corresponding voucher number has really been released by the system and whether the corresponding voucher has really been paid for. The vouchers are generally valid for5 years (see date and period of validity on voucher). After this period, the Hotel Ambassador is no longer obliged to accept it. Lost vouchers will not be replaced. Vouchers can also not be returned for a cash value payment. If the value of the voucher is more than the service consumed, the Hotel Ambassador Brig is prepared to credit the remaining voucher balance in full for further visits or consumptions. In such a case, there is no entitlement to a residual payment of the outstanding voucher amount. The Hotel Ambassador Brig is not obliged to accept unpaid vouchers as payment. For operational reasons, the services listed in the voucher can only be provided or guaranteed by the establishment if a corresponding and timely reservation has been made. This applies in particular to vouchers in connection with overnight stays and vouchers for groups. The service described in the voucher may vary slightly depending on the circumstances, but may not represent a relevant reduction in value for the guest. If the Hotel Ambassador Brig has to close or give up for any reason, the vouchers will expire without compensation. This is also the case if the business demonstrably changes ownership. In such a case, no recourse can be had to the Hotel Ambassador Brig as the original issuer of the vouchers.

3 Delivery
Hotel Ambassador Brig will, as far as possible, comply punctually with agreed or stated delivery times. If these are exceeded by more than six weeks, the customer has the right to set a period of grace with the indication that he/she will refuse to accept the object of purchase (in this case online print vouchers) after the period of grace has expired. This grace period must be at least one month. If no agreement is reached on a new delivery date, the customer may withdraw from the contract or the agreement by written declaration after expiry of the grace period. Compensation for damages due to delay or impossibility of delivery cannot be claimed. This also applies to claims for damages due to loss of profit or other indirect damage. Further claims of the buyer - in particular for delivery - as well as for risks and side effects possibly caused by the product, are excluded. The risk is transferred to the customer as soon as the goods (in this case online print vouchers) have been handed over to the carrier and have left the warehouse or the company. This also applies if Hotel Ambassador Brig has assumed the transport costs. Complaints due to transport damage must be made by the customer to the transport company within the time limits provided for this purpose. In the case of shipments by the customer, the customer bears every risk, in particular the transport risk, until the arrival of the goods at Hotel Ambassador Brig.

4 Payment You can choose between payment by invoice or credit card. If you pay by credit card, the amount will be charged to the selected credit card immediately. Invoices from Hotel Ambassador Brig are due immediately and payable without any deductions. From the 30th day after the invoice date, the company is entitled to charge interest on arrears at a rate of 5%, unless Hotel Ambassador Brig can prove higher interest on arrears or the buyer can prove a lower charge to Hotel Ambassador Brig. Cheques are only accepted on account of payment. Any charges are to be borne by the customer. Offsetting is only permitted with undisputed claims or claims that have been legally established by a court of law. The customer may only assert a right of retention insofar as it is based on the same contractual relationship.

5. right of rev ocation
There is no right of revocation for vouchers that are paid for online and printed out. Vouchers paid for by invoice can be revoked within 24 hours and must be returned to the exhibitor within 3 working days (from the date of issue).

6 Defects
Complaints regarding the scope of delivery, material defects, incorrect deliveries and deviations in quantity must be made in writing immediately, at the latest, however, within one week of receipt of the goods or the vouchers, insofar as these can be determined by reasonable examination. In the case of justified complaints, Hotel Ambassador Brig will correct the incorrect delivery free of charge and otherwise, subject to exclusion, will at its discretion exchange the vouchers, take them back or grant the purchaser a price reduction. If, in the case of an exchange of an online print voucher, the replacement delivery is also defective, the purchaser has the right to cancellation or reduction.

7. customer data
Hotel Ambassador Brig is entitled to collect, store and process the customer's personal data required within the framework of the business relationship, taking into account the corresponding duty of care in dealing with sensitive customer data.

8. final provisions
The invalidity of individual points of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS) shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a new provision which comes as close as possible to the economic effect of the invalid provision. The place of performance and jurisdiction for contracts including these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS) is Brig, Switzerland.