OUR à la Carte

We will spoil you with well-known classics of Swiss cuisine and French brasserie cuisine and surprise you with new, seasonal creations.


Monthly special


Shellfish plate
for the small appetite (350gr.)
per person 24.-

Large mussel pot
for the big appetite (900gr.)
per person 36.-

The large mussel pot is served with
French fries or garlic bread.

Tasting menu

Champagne cream soup
Steamed pike-perch
Vanilla beurre blanc
Tournedos "Rossini"
Beef fillet & roasted foie gras
Port wine sauce
Potato gratin
Red wine plums
Cinnamon glacé



Soupe à l'oignon 12.-
Traditional French onion soup
Cheese croûton

Tom Yam Talay 16.-
exotic, spicy-sour fish soup
Seafood, lemongrass, straw mushrooms,
Galangal root & Thai basil

Bisque de Homard au Cognac 19.-
Lobster bisque with lobster pralines
perfumed with cognac


Sautéed scallops 26.-
on a mixed leaf salad
Citrus vinaigrette

"Grandmother's style" lamb's lettuce 16.-
with roasted bacon, egg & garlic croutons

Sardines Deluxe "Millèsimées" 18.-
served in a can
Salad & baguette


cold starters

Tartar 28.- / 38.-
hand cut beef tenderloin tartar
served with toast & butter

Filet Royal Graved Salmon 26.-
homemade salmon
marinated with sea salt & beetroot
horseradish sorbet

Matjes herring "Sylt" 24.-
Classic with yoghurt dressing
Gherkins, crunchy apple pieces,
mild onions & dill

Homemade duck liver terrine 26.-
with Armagnac
with fig compote


Warm starters

Os a moelle 16.-
Marrowbone, sea salt & Maggia pepper

Escargots de Bourgogne 19.-
Burgundy snails au gratin
Garlic and herb foam

Foie gras de Canard 32.-
warm duck liver
caramelized apple pieces



Beef entrecôte "Café de Paris" (250gr) 56.-
Gratinated with spicy homemade special butter
Valais fries

Tournedos "Rossini" 59.-
Beef tenderloin & roasted foie gras
Port wine sauce
Potato gratin

Beef tenderloin "Stroganoff" 56.-
spicy bell pepper sauce, pepperoni & pickled cucumber strips
pilaf rice

Sliced veal "Zurich style " 48.-
Mushroom cream sauce
Butter rösti

Rack of lamb "provençale" 53.-
spicy herb crust
Ratatouille vegetables

"Canard à l'Orange" 46.-
pink roasted duck breast from Perigord
orange sauce



Lamb shank "Gasconnade " 46.-
Marrowy, juicy braised shank
Parsnip vegetables
Mashed potatoes

"Joues de Veau Braisées" 49.-
Veal pine béggli braised in a strong red wine sauce
Celery vegetables & celery mousseline

Alsatian sauerkraut platter 38.-
Rollschinkli, bacon,
Saucisson, Wienerli


Eglifilet "Meunière" 52.-
from domestic breeding
fried in butter
leaf spinach & boiled potatoes

Petite Marmite de Homard 48.-
Lobster medallion on red curry sauce with mango

Atlantic sole "Meunière" served in two courses 500 gr. 65.-
fried whole in butter
leaf spinach & boiled potatoes

Steamed pikeperch 49.-
Leek and hay

Bouillabaisse 49.-
Provençal fish stew, saffron broth
Sea fish & shellfish
Rouille sauce

Caviar tasting set 89.-
Malossol Classic 20gr
Vodka Absolut 4 cl or Perrier-Jouet Brut 10cl

A superlative caviar with a slightly salty note
blinis & classic side dishes



Valais Cholera 31.-
Traditional Valais vegetable cake
Potatoes, cheese, leek & Àpfel

Cheese fondue Moitié-Moitié 25.-
Vacherin Fribourgois & Gruyères

Moussaka 32.-
Greek classic with eggplants,
potatoes, tomatoes & couscous


Profiteroles 11.-
Cream puff with vanilla glacé & warm chocolate sauce

Crêpes Suzette 16.-
thin pancakes with Cointreau orange sauce, vanilla glacé

Crème brûlée " à la Cassonade " 13.-
Burnt cream covered with crunchy caramel icing

Mousses au Chocolat 13.-
Delicate White & Dark Chocolate Mousse

Vacherin Glacé 14.-
Meringue Tart with Vanilla & Strawberry Glacé

Tartelette au citron 14.-
Lemon tartlet

Moelleux au Chocolat 16.- (15 minutes waiting time)
Chocolate muffin, vanilla ice cream, stewed plums

Ravioles d'Ananas 14.-
Pineapple ra violi filled with mascarpone & passion fruit

Tarte fine aux pommes 14.-
Wafer-thin apple pie with vanilla glacé

Tarte Tatin 16.-
apple pie with vanilla glacé

Tartelette chocolat aux fraises 16.-
Chocolate cake garnished with strawberries & strawberry sorbet

Café Gourmand 9.50
Espresso or coffee with chocolate brownie

Café glacé 11.-
Viennese iced coffee, vanilla glacé with espresso

Le Colonel 10.-
Lemon sorbet with vodka

Valaisan 10.-
Apricot sorbet with abricotine

Ticino 10.-
Grape sorbet with grappa

Pruneau 10.-
Plum sorbet with Vieille Prune

Williams 10.-
Pear sorbet with Williams

Assiette de fromages 18.-
Cheese plate with matured cheeses, fig confit and pear bread



Rondes de dessert

Strawberry tartelette - Chocolate mousse - Tarte Tatin
-Profiteroles - Chocolate cake -
Sorbet & Glace Variation - Apple pie - Tartelette au Citron

(from 4 persons)