12 Highlights at
Brasserie des Cheminots

Every month we surprise you with a matching seasonal highlight from our kitchen.


January - Queue de Boeuf

From 4 January we have marrowy juicy braised oxtail with mashed potatoes.



February - Let's Moules again!

Enjoy mussels one more time before the season ends again!

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March - Matjes Hareng

Herring's - time fish in love!
Exclusive for Lent

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Herring specialties


April - Hommard

The lobster promises sea!

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May - Poussin

Crispy grilled Güggeli
with French fries and a variety of sauces.

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June - La Pôchouse

Noble fish stew with four freshwater fish in white wine fund.

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July - Jarret

Crispy pork knuckle from Rôtissoir 600gr. marrowy-juicy grilled and deglazed with dark beer - fried potato

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August - Paella

Paella can be found almost everywhere in Spain, people virtually associate this traditional dish with southwestern Europe.

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September - Moules

Fresh from the market, we will serve you mussels that will make you rave
We serve the mussels with excellent wines and refreshing side dishes and sauces.

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October - Wild

As soon as the grape harvest has begun, real gourmets turn their attention to game.

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November - Truffe

Enjoy exquisite truffle dishes in the
colder season.

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December - Huîtres

The pearls among the oysters.
Taste and enjoy our Marennes d'Oléron.

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